Shorthand css is a css framework designed to make Interactive website. Here are two version available lite and full. The lite version contains only gray colors. On the other hand full version has 16 colors with 7 variation of each.

Shorthand is focused on utility instead of size. If you are worried about size than you can either use lite version or customize to reduce size.

Framework File Name Size Gzip Brotli
lite lite.shorthand.min.css
full shorthand.min.css

What is different in shorthand from other frameworks

  • Two style files available monochrome and multicolor.
  • Two gray color sets available gray and slategray.
  • Make interactive UI using transitions and transformations.
  • 36 Google fonts are already included.
  • Take advantage of filters. It’s easy to make Apple like blur effect.
  • More color options than any other popular framework.
  • 250+ Gradient color options.
  • Responsive height


Contact me @bansal_io to discuss or use #shorthandcss on twitter

You can create issue on github if you find any bug

To create a question on stackoverflow add tag shorthandcss